The use of Epicyn improved all aspects of scar improvement faster than standard silicone gel alone at 12 weeks

A surgical removal procedure resulting in a suture line below the eye prone to highly visible scarring

Case 1

Reported reduction and itch and pain post-op with no additional  medication required after suturing

Case 2

Rapid reduction in inflammation around

the suturing site from day one with Epicyn

Case 3

Epicyn provides a physical barrier to the post-surgical site to help reduce the risk of surgical site infection from microbial invasion. 

Female with linear hypertrophic scar on her arm for 6 months,
Before & after Epicyn for 12 weeks

Case Example 4

Female with 9 month old post surgical keloid scar Before & after Epicyn for 12 weeks

Case Example 5

45g Tube

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