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Clinical Evidence

Epicyn provides better results than standard silicone

Epicyn is one of a group of advanced dermatological and tissue repair technologies that have extensive clinical research behind them

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The use of Epicyn improved all aspects of scar improvement faster than standard silicone gel alone at 12 weeks

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Hover over the cases to see the superior outcomes produced when using  Epicyn with hypochlorous acid provides in the treatment of scars and surgical sites

Before & After Epicyn

A surgical removal procedure resulting in a suture line below the eye prone to highly visible scarring

Scar Epicyn 2 of 3.png

Epicyn applied immediately post-op & twice daily for 5 days

Scar Epicyn 3 of 3.png

Results using Epicyn at 6 weeks

Scar Epicyn 1 of 3.png

Case 1

Reported reduction and itch and pain post-op with no additional  medication required after suturing

Post 14 Days of Applying Epicyn

Results After 8 Weeks Using Epicyn

Case 2

Epicyn Chin 1 of 3.jpg
Epicyn Chin 4 of 3.jpg
Epicyn Chin 3 of 3.jpg
Epicyn Chin 2 of 3.jpg

Rapid reduction in inflammation around

the suturing site from day one with Epicyn

Post 14 Days of Applying Epicyn

Results After 6 Weeks Using Epicyn

Case 3

Epicyn Cheek 1 of 3.jpg

Epicyn provides a physical barrier to the post-surgical site to help reduce the risk of surgical site infection from microbial invasion. 

Epicyn Cheek 2 of 3.jpg
Epicyn Cheek 2 of 3.jpg

Female with linear hypertrophic scar on her arm for 6 months,
Before & after Epicyn for 12 weeks

Case Example 4

Epicyn Brochure_Page_1_Image_0001.jpg
Epicyn Brochure_Page_1_Image_0004.jpg

Female with 9 month old post surgical keloid scar Before & after Epicyn for 12 weeks

Case Example 5

Epicyn Brochure_Page_1_Image_0002.jpg
Epicyn Brochure_Page_1_Image_0005.jpg

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 Product Information 

Using  Epicyn

• Clean the affected area
• Cover the affected skin with a thin layer of Epicyn and massage in gently
• Allow the silicone hydrogel to air dry
• Repeat 3 times daily for best results

- Once set, Epicyn® can be covered with; cosmetics, sunscreen or pressure garments

Epicyn 45g Render MK.png

• Epicyn® can be used with sutures in situ or for existing hypertrophic and keloid scars
• The non-toxic, film-forming layer is suitable around the eyes, nose and mouth
• For best results use after healing the wound with Microdacyn® Wound Care

45g Tube

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