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Advanced Scar Management Technology
Silicone Gel Containing Super-Oxidised Solution

Epicyn® contains guideline recommended, medical grade silicone gel in combination with super-oxidised hypochlorous acid that has clinically demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and antimicrobial results to further improve healing and scar characteristics vs pure silicone alone.1,2





Acupuncture Treatment

Silicone Gels In Scar Management

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Epicyn silicone gel quickly dries forming
a flexible, semi-permeable film over the scar.

This facilitates a balanced state of fibrogenesis, regulation of fibroblast production and a reduction in collagen resulting in a softer, flatter and cosmetically desirable scar.

The semi-permeable layer limits water loss while still allowing oxygen transfer. Silicone use creates near optimal conditions of hydration, temperature insulation and a physical barrier from infection

Silicone is Widely Recognised as The Gold Standard For Scar Management

The Addition of Hypochlorous Acid

Anti-inflammatory | Antimicrobial | Non-Cytotoxic

Hypochlorous acid is produced naturally in the human body by enzymes within our white blood cells through a mechanism known as a respiratory burst.

This mechanism is initiated to destroy invading pathogens and is simultaneously part of the production of various reactive oxygen species (ROS) involved in wound healing.

This is a neutrophil, they make up the majority of your white blood cells and form an essential part of your innate immune system

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Hypochlorous acid is one of the key reactive oxygen species neutrophils produce during an immune response

Naturally Occurring Acid

Silicone Gel


“It seems to have an effect on all phases of healing. Hypochlorous acid has been shown to be a potent antimicrobial, a fast-acting antipruritic, exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, increases oxygenation (TcPO2) at wound sites, and breaks down biofilm”

Gold et al 2017 - Review article of Hypochlorous acid technology


Clinical Evidence

Epicyn is proven in clinical trials to be more effective at improving all scar measures over 12 weeks compared to standard silicone gel alone


Treat Scars From The Start

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